Military Firearms Training Solutions

Real combat and the real danger is nothing compared with the training environment. Sitting in the middle of a firefight, staying calm, making the right decisions and communicating effectively with those around you is not easy.

No amount of shotting at two-dimensional targets or firing lasers can prepare you for the reality of real combat. The development of augmented (AR), mixed (AR) and virtual reality (VR) such as ARROW is the long term solution to the pressures of the modern military training environment.

Excepted practice is moving towards establishing synthetic training at the heart of a fully rounded firearms training programme. Putting students through more immersive environments that develop their physical and mental capacity in a way that was previously nearly impossible.

One of the critical objectives ARROW is to deliver a training option that allows unit commanders to establish regimes with a higher readiness level.

We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.


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The benefits of using augmented and virtual reality in military training have already been recognised. Arrow MAR and VR technologies save money, create a much safer environment for trainees, and help soldiers develop cognitive skills.

According to the US Official Naval Research report, people who do not play video games have a less developed field of vision, are worse at memorising visual objects and process new information slower if compared to gamers.

Consequently, creating game-like simulations with VR and AR can significantly boost the soldiers’ cognitive abilities and put virtual training in line with field practices.
In essence, synthetic Arrow training is a mixture of all three realities – virtual, augmented and physical. It is flexible enough to allow for mission rehearsals of most types and be intuitive enough to make training effective.

One of the ARROW platform’s main advantages is the number of iterations you can go through during one training session and the ability to adjust the system in real-time. The ARROW Synthetic Training Environment (STE) creates an inclusive training environment in a single platform with open architecture and intuitive interface. Any part of the globe can be virtualised via ARROW because various settings have different combat operations complexities.

Military Fire Arms Training

The projection of force using various weapon systems has always been at the heart of military units across the world. From primary weapon handling skills, through advanced combat skills, the provision of simulated training enables safe, effective and immersive education of all operator levels.

ArrowVR enables full battlespace-aware training without the logistical challenges associated with traditional training. Weapon handling and operation can be trained in a safe environment without the need for multiple range safety officers, which again maximises training time without compromising the ability to train officers to the highest level.

Utilising state of the art mixed reality training (MR) both entirely virtual and augmented inputs can be used. Trainees can move independently around the training environment; climbing stairs, going through doors and windows, while opposition force (OPFOR) and friendy force (FF) attributes can be dynamically be placed throughout the scenario.

The ARROW platform represents an ultimate training program that can rapidly adapt to the advancements of modern warfare. It is the future of augmented reality technology for military use.

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